von BachHaus Vision & Mission Statement

Summerwood Farm NC, LLC

(dba) von BachHaus Kennel German Shepherds

The von BachHaus Vision & Mission  Statement

 The Vision and Mission Statement of von BachHaus Kennel remains the same: to insure that we remain steadfast in our commitment to the devotion of breeding quality German Shepherds.  Our core belief is that unquestionably the German Shepherd is the most versatile dog in the World.

The German Shepherd can accomplish and excel at any task set before them.

My Family and I have been breeding quality German Shepherd puppies for the past thirteen years.

We are very proud to be the ONLY American German Shepherd licensed breeder by the State of North Carolina.  We are also delighted that we have been approved as a registered breeder with the American Kennel Club.  

Our main focus at von BachHaus Kennel is to improve the German Shepherd breed, not exploit it.

 We are gratified that we have placed our puppies with their forever Families who cherish and care for them.

 As the proud owner, I am always available for questions, advice or suggestions from our von BachHaus Kennel Family dog owners.

Our core belief still remains what is best for the Puppy/Dog is our ultimate Goal.

Our vision statement is to properly secure the right Family for each and every Puppy/Dog. This is obtained through collective understanding of your Families’ needs.


Revised 11/7/2020