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von BachHaus Kennel German Shepherds

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I am also proud to announce that we will continue to operate and support our Vale, Asheboro, and Raeford Kennel Breeding Facilities.


Randleman Shepherds/ GamHaus Kennel

Located in Asheboro, North Carolina

Call or Text Patrick Waddell/Breeder: 336-964-1782

von BachHaus Kennel German Shepherds

Summerwood Farm NC, LLC and its affiliated Breeding Facilities reserves the right to refuse to sell a German shepherd puppy to Anyone for any reason.

Breeding Opportunity

For those owners that have a purchased a von BachHaus Kennel German Shepherd, please consider breeding your 18 month or older female to our newest German Import, V Waran von der Feuersaule, BH AD, IPO3, KkL1

Second Place 2018 Regional Trials out of 50 Competitors

Picture of a German Shepherd running through water
The German shepherd is the “SECOND” most intelligent and versatile breed in the United States next to the Border Collie. The German Shepherd is the “SECOND” most popular breed in the United States next to the Labrador Retriever. The question is, “What can a German shepherd Accomplish?” The answer is, “What is there that a German shepherd can not Accomplish?”

Friend not Prey​

This little Doe became motherless when a car struck & killer her. I brought her back to the farm where my female Akita fed the doe while we bottle fed her puppies. The Doe and Akita would go for walks together and sleep outside. When the Doe was 2 months old he left with a small herd passing by. We named him Lucky, while Akita would not eat or sleep looking for him.

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