Naughty/Freitag 12/25

We are Excited to announce the Mating of these 2 Gorgeous Dogs.
Black and black sables expected with stable temperament, med to high drive, intelligence, health, and what it takes to be a loving family dog / protector.
Freitag is a 3 X IPO3 Titled boy from Germany and AKA ( Naughty ) is a daughter of IPO3 Atilla & granddaughter of 10x IPO3 Southeast Regional Champ Cid Yucero Bohemia.
Expected due date 12/25/20
These puppies will sell for $2,000.00
Deposits are closed until after the birth of litter.
If you are on the wait list for one of these puppies, please reach out to Tina to update your information
For information on this litter call or text Tina 828-308-2586
T H E  D A M  

T H E  S I R E

Freitag vom Großen EX

V Rated in Show, BH, AD, 3X’S IPO3 & KKL 

`90 Pounds
Congratulations to the Wilson family from Aquadale, NC 1st Pick Male
Congratulations to the Steinebach family from New Bern, 1st pick Female
Congratulations to the Smith family from Wilmington NC, 2nd pick Male
Congratulations to the Cullers family 2nd pick Female