Nutrition, Exercise, Affection & Grooming Your German shepherd

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von BachHaus Kennel German shepherds

My Family and I wish to thank you for the purchase of your German Shepherd Puppy.

We truly believe that your owning a von BachHaus Kennel puppy makes you part of our Family.

  The needs of your new German Shepherd Puppy shall be discussed in four segments that we hope you will find informative. 

At von BachHaus Kennel, we have learned a lot from many years of experience of breeding, training and selling of German Shepherds puppies.   

In our opinion there are four main components necessary to maintain the health and well being of your puppy/dog.




In this segment, the nutritional needs of your dog will be discussed.  Again, the information being offered is merely our recommendation.  You may find that other foods satisfy your dog’s nutritional needs as well as those we feed our dogs.

Always remember that the German Shepherd is a carnivore and is the closest relative to the Grey Wolf.

A healthy, well satisfied puppy/dog is everyone’s goal, so let’s begin to examine and consider my feeding suggestions.

What are the Nutritional components necessary to insure that your pet is healthy?  First, would you enjoy your daily diet consisted solely of dry dog food day after day?  Most dog owners believe they are providing the best diet for their dogs, believing in the antiquated idea of only providing dry dog food and water.

Here is the menu we feed our dogs at  von BachHaus Kennel German Shepherds

Dry dog food:  The first ingredient listed on the bag should state Duck, Lamb, Fish or Meat (not by-products or meal or fillers)

Dairy Products, Cottage cheese, Meat & Fish Products such as Tuna, Mackerel, Salmon, Hamburger, Ham, Pork and Beef bones, Canned dog food, Poultry Products,  raw chicken quarters (not cooked), eggs, raw turkey necks and tails, honey & molasses  (2 tablespoons), Cooked white/red or sweet potatoes, Cooked white or wild rice, Vegetables: Green beans and carrots

(Most breeders will agree that you should not feed your dog nuts, onions, seeded grapes, raisins, chocolate or cooked/baked chicken/turkey with bones)

Having a variety of food choices, along with the daily mainstay of dry dog food, will satisfy your dog’s hunger requirements and protein intake.  A healthy dog is our Goal.

While we do not recommend a particular brand of dry dog food, we do suggest that your dry dog food contain no artificial coloring (dyes), grains or similar fillers and contain a minimum of 32% protein.



Always  remember that your German Shepherd puppy is an extreme athlete.

German Shepherds are still grouped today as “herding” dogs because of their speed, determination, agility and fearlessness.

Whether you live in an apartment, townhouse/condo, house or farm, with or without land, your German Shepherd requires daily exercise.

Your German Shepherd needs to be able to run daily, and requires long walks which will assist in increasing muscle mass.  Be sure that any exercises you give your dog to perform require that he/she runs full out.     

In addition, German Shepherds have web feet that allow them to easily navigate in water, which gives you the opportunity to exercise your dog in a pond, lake or ocean, if you desire.

Obviously, the exercise period can be utilized as play/training time and/or bonding time.

Exercise accomplishes many things with your vonBachHaus Kennel puppy/dog.

Our puppies have a lot of “drive,”  which requires walks, runs and play time. 

Throwing a ball for your dog to retrieve is great exercise, as well as a great way for you to bond with him/her.


Affection may be the most important aspect of the FOUR necessary requirements that I have mentioned.  

German Shepherds, in my opinion, have superior ability, endless courage, large size, super intellect and stamina that other breeds lack.

German Shepherds require a lot of affection, praise and constant reassurance they are loved.  In return, your German Shepherd will continually desire to please you and your Family, and will be easily trained.

Treat your German Shepherd with respect. 

You should always place your dog’s needs before yours.

German Shepherds are the most loyal of the large breed dogs.

Your purchase of a German Shepherd will be, in time, best possible investment you have made.  They are the greatest living alarm system in the world.

Your German Shepherd will protect you and your Family above all things.  All they ask in return is your Affection.


As pet owners, we consider our personal grooming a part of our daily activities.  

Our puppies and dogs also require the same constant care and grooming.  

This means:

Daily brushing with a “FURminator” brush

Weekly teeth brushing

Daily check for ticks

Weekly cleaning of ears

Monthly nail trimming 

Grooming your puppy/dog on a regular basis will provide a bonding experience for both of you.

 Use this quality individual time while “grooming” your puppy/ dog to feel or see any issue he/she may be having with his/her coat or anywhere on its body.  

One last thing, “talk to your dog.” Your puppy/dog loves to hear your calm nurturing voice speaking its name with affection.

It is my Family’s desire that the information provided has given you more insight into your dog, the German Shepherd.”

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this information, please e-mail or call us directly.

The Bach Family

Tina in Archdale, Michelle in Randalman, Sue in Aloula, SC and Walt in Raeford

 Should you ever have any questions or comments my Family & I am always available.


Revised 1/7/2020