von BachHaus Kennel “Female Breeding Program” Information

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von BachHaus Kennel “Female Breeding Program – 2021

Congratulations on your Female Puppy being Accepted………..

This Female Breeding Program has been in effect for several years now, benefiting the Puppy Owner, advancing the Breed for future Puppy Owners.

This program is completely voluntary and begins once your Female is 24 months of age. We require that an x-ray of her hips & elbows is completed and certified GOOD by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation For Animals). We will except a pre-limb certification at 18 months of age. We will also require a Wellness Exam by your Veterinarian to make sure she is in excellent health. Once we receive notification from your Vet that her hips & elbows have no dysplasia and is in excellent health, she will be officially accepted into the Program.

Once the Female is 18 months or older and comes into season, we will breed her to one of our Titled German Import Males. At 13 months or older the female must have a pre-limb x-ray and sent to the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of Animals) We will take her on day seven (7) from the start of her discharge. We will keep her up to seven (7) days at our Breeding & Birthing Facility in Raeford, Alcolu SC and/or Archdale. After she has mated twice, you can take her home. Thirty days after the last tie, we ask that you locate a local Veterinarian in your area who can perform a Pregnancy Ultrasound. von BachHaus Kennel will pay for this ultrasound (excluding all mobile units) which will verify whether she is Pregnant or not.

On day 47 we ask that you locate a local Veterinarian in your area who can perform a Pregnancy X-ray to determine the number of puppies she is carrying. von BachHaus Kennel will pay for this x-ray.

If she is Pregnant, on day fifty-five (55) she will be brought to our Breeding & Birthing Facility in Raeford, Alcolu SC and/or Archdale to have her puppies. On approximately day 63, she will have her puppies in the heated and cooled room in our house where she and the puppies will be warm and stress free. We will notify you immediately of her whelping and the number of puppies.

Once the puppies are five (5) weeks old, you can pick up your Female and take her home provided all puppies are doing well without her. In addition, you will be compensated $550. in cash for each puppy. If you decide to birth the litter and care for the puppies until they are six weeks of age you will be compensated $700. in cash for every puppy.

Should you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Walt Bach/Founder

 Cell or Text: 910-916-9911

E-mail: vonBachHausKennel@yahoo.com

The von BachHaus Family
Tina from Vale, David from Fuquay Varina, Michelle from Asheboro, Mike from Hamlet and Walt from Raeford, NC


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