The German Shepherd Temperament

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This picture is of my female German shepherd Akita with a 3 week old fawn.
It was at night and we were in my pickup truck headed to the store. The vehicle in front of me swerved but hit an adult doe. The vehicle drove off. I stopped in the middle of the road to see the doe on the side of the road apparently dead. Next to this doe I saw a young fawn laying next to the mom. Akita and I got out of the truck and processed to walk toward them. The fawn ran off in the woods. I send Akita after it. Akita held the fawn down while I caught up. I picked up the Fawn that was unharmed by the collision and put it in the truck. I brought the fawn back to the Farm. The fawn was given warm goats milk many times a day. Akita and the fawn were inseparable and Akita protected her new friend day and night. They would go for walks on the many of our trails. They both slept in the high grass in the field at night. After living on the Farm for four months and being weaned several deer walked toward the pond one night. This is when the urge to be with his own kind over ridge the love he had for Akita. It left and Akita barely ate that next week. Oh yeah, it was a buck with the cutest little horns. Akita is no longer with us and is buried on the Farm. When I see a big buck on the property I wonder if that could have been the fawn we saved.
This is another reason why German shepherds are the best over all dog in the World.
Their Compassion.
Hunting of any kind is not permitted on the Farm.
German Shepherd Dog Temperament Characteristics:














Not only does the German shepherd have a great Temperament but is the most versatile dog in the World. From a Seeing Eye Dog, Service Dog, Family Protection, Cadaver, Tracking, Drug, Bomb Enforcement, Search & Rescue and Military and Law Enforcement throughout the World.
The von BachHaus Family
Tina from Vale, Mike from Hamlet, Michelle from Asheboro, David from Vuguay Varnia and Walt from Raeford
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