Is Crate Training Your Puppy’s Best Option? NO!

Summerwood Farm NC, LLC

von BachHaus Kennel German shepherds

I feel compelled to write this post about the facts of Crate Training.

I have many prospective puppy owners ask my opinion regarding crate training for their new puppy.

Most training methods for other breeds should never be applied to German shepherds.
One example, never use crate/cage training on a German shepherd, especially when they are puppies.
What should only be used are movable plastic or wire pens for German shepherd purebreds. 
  Crates are highly unsuitable and very harmful to German shepherd purebreds, most particularly the puppies because it will cause permanent bladder issues and immediate physiological trauma that will remain into adulthood.
German shepherd purebreds have a highly sensitive temperament.
And so using only training methods specifically designed for the highly sensitive temperament of a German purebred puppy is vitally important.  These training methods are effective and easy and produces quick results.

In our Kennel’s opinion, a crate of any size should not be used for housing and potty training your puppy.

Imagine, if you will, your puppy being with his or her siblings where they are kept in a 10′ X 20″ area to eat, sleep, play and potty.   Then the new owner brings home the 7-week-old puppy who is excited to be coming to his forever home, only to find that when the owners are going away or going to bed for the night, he/she is placed in a plastic/metal crate.  How depressing that must be!   The idea that Crate Training is a good way to housebreak a puppy has been passed on from one person to another.  Crate Training, Crate Training, Crate Training!  NEVER…………..

The cost of these panel kennels are around the same price as a crate, $40.00

So now your new puppy is spending his or her first night in a strange place in a six sided container.   During parts of the day and all night that is what puppies can expect from their owner — a Crate.

Many crates allow for only minimum vision.  If the sides and top are enclosed, they can not see the world around them.  How do you talk to your puppy?  Though one of the walls?  How do you touch your puppy?  By placing several fingers through the front grate?   

Now let’s discuss food, water and having to go potty.  If food and water is placed directly on the floor of the crate, the puppy will spill the food and water and chew anything it can from boredom.

Please do yourself and your puppy a big favor by purchasing a pen that consists of 8 connecting panels 36” high by 24” wide.  The entire panel set weighs less than 20 pounds.   Ours has been in use for many years.  The panels will go right around a five foot plastic swimming pool that we occasionally place our young puppies in, the panels can be connected so your puppy has more room and visual contact, and you can easily talk to and touch them more easily. 

 We have found that bonding time is increased by using the open panel system.  These connecting panels can be purchased at PetSmart, WalMart, Petco and other pet stores.

Revised 11/17/2020